Writing Outside Your Culture: A resource list

Today I have the good fortune to be speaking with writers and illustrators at Indiana’s SCBWI regional conference about the topic of Writing Outside One’s Culture. I have lots to say about this subject, so let’s hope I get it all said within the allotted time. 🙂

There’s a hand-out to accompany my talk, full of good resources on the internet. To make it clickably easy, I’m posting those sites here. Happy writing!


Helpful Internet Places

We Need Diverse Books!

GLAAD’s media reference guide on transgender 

Rich In Color

Lee Wind’s blog
Latin@s in Kid Lit

Malinda Lo’s guide to LGBT YA
Black Girl Nerds

Disability in Kid Lit
Diversity in YA

Lee and Low’s blog
American Indians in Children’s Literature


Articles to Read

Rainbow Rowell on why Park is Korean
CCBC stats and explanation
Jacqueline Jules on being an outsider
Mitali Perkins’ race checklist for writers
Malinda Lo’s Avoiding LGBTQ stereotype post
Lisa Schroeder’s blog post about writing diverse characters