First mention in newspaper of the Donner Party

“Emigrants in the Mountains”
“It is probably not generally known to the people, that there is now in the California mountains in the most distressing situation,
a party of emigrants from the United States, who were prevented from crossing the mountains by an early heavy fall of snow.
The party consists of about sixty persons, men, women and children. They were almost entirely out of provisions, when they
reached the foot of the mountains, and but for the timely succor afforded them by Capt. J. A. Sutter, one of the most humane and
liberal men in California, they must have all perished in a few days. Captain Sutter as soon as he ascertained their situation, sent
five mules loaded with provisions to them. A second party was dispatched with provisions for them, but they found the mountain
impossible, in consequence of the snow. We hope that our citizens will do something for the relief of these unfortunate people.”

~California Star January 16, 1847