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Guatemalan Monday: tortilla edition

If you’ve read Caminar, you’ll remember a scene where Carlos’s mama makes tortillas. Maybe you’ve eaten tortillas before, but have you ever bitten into a warm corn tortilla, freshly made in Guatemala? Have you ever seen anyone making them? It’s rhythmic and beautiful and, of course, delicious.

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Quotable Thursday

I love when someone writes the heck out of a sentence. On Thursdays, I try to post some of my favorites.

“The only thing worse than being odd was trying desperately not to be.”

~Anne Ursu’s The Real Boy

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We Need Diverse Books

I’ve been on the fence about launching a blog for the past year. I’ve blogged before, so I know that every minute I spend blogging is one less minute I spend doing other writing. And those minutes are already few and precious.

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