Slickety Quick

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Candlewick, 2016
ISBN 978-0763-66543-2

Fourteen shark species, from the utterly terrifying to the surprisingly docile, glide through the pages of this vibrantly illustrated, poetic picture book.

From the enormous whale shark to the legendary great white to the enigmatic goblin shark to the small cookie-cutter shark, Slickety Quick is a delightful frenzy of shark mayhem. Mysterious species such as the camouflaged wobbegong and the elusive frilled shark share the waters with better-known blue and nurse sharks, each commemorated in a poem by Skila Brown and illustrated by Bob Kolar. Sneaky shark facts ripple through each spread to further inform the brave and curious young reader intrigued by the power — and danger — of these amazing creatures.


  • New York Public Library, 100 Best Books for Kids, 2016 selection
  • 2018 Beehive Award nominee (Utah)
  • 2017-2018 Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award nominee (Pennsylvania)
  • 2017-2018 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master List for grades K-2

“Skila Brown’s catchy, enlightening verse and Bob Kolar’s bright, edge-to-edge illustrations bring these underwater creatures dazzlingly to life.”

—The Washington Post

“These concrete poems about a selection of sharks will tickle the fins of many an aspiring marine biologist.”


“All in all, it’s a book that ought to leave many readers fascinated—and perhaps a little unsettled—by the diversity of sharks that exist beneath the waves.”

—Publishers Weekly

“An inviting format to spark shark discussions.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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