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On Translation

Caminar is finally out in Spanish! (I’ve gotten so many inquiries about this over the past few years. It’s nice to know I can now say, Yes. It’s in Spanish!) To buy a copy, you should fly to Guatemala of course, where it’s available for sale, and where you can … Read More

Guatemalan Monday: Politics edition

The saga around the recent presidential scandal in Guatemala has been in the news of late. There is an excellent summary here of what has transpired and why, if you’d like the whole story.

From the article:

On the first day of September, Guatemala’s Congress voted to end President Otto

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Grants for Guatemalans in the U.S.

Catarina Lorenzo speaks at a workshop she organized as part of her 2014 Voiceless Speak Fund project 

GHRC is once again offering grants to Guatemalans in the US through our Voiceless Speak Fund. The Fund provides direct assistance to Guatemalans interested in educating the US public about the human

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