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Elsa Marston

I’m sad to learn this morning of a friend’s passing. Elsa Marston was a talented writer, a caring person, and a wonderful human being. She had a life fully lived in which she made the world a better place. She’ll be sorely missed. My love goes to her family.

Elsa Harik Obituary

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Returning to the blog

I’d intended to be back here a month ago, but life. I’ve been helping a son recover from an accident and also trying to figure out what to do with the state of the world. I decided when I started blogging here that this place wouldn’t be personal or political. … Read More


November was a dark month here. I found myself, last week, searching for joy. Sometimes naming it helps to let in the light. Here are some things that are bringing me joy of late:

  1. Writing get-aways with dear friends
  2. Kristin Cashore has a new book coming out soon!
  3. Delicious pies
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Can a children’s book save the world?

Linda Sue Park is a terrific writer and a remarkable person. The exact right combination for a Ted Talk. If you haven’t seen what she says about how a book can empower kids, help them build empathy, and give them tools for coping with the unfairness of life – have … Read More