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Sneak Peak Monday

Remember those train poems from long ago? They’re still coming to a book store near you. But picture books take awhile. Because the illustrations! Are going to be gorgeous! And so they take some time!

Here Comes a Train is due out in spring of 2019 with Candlewick. The talented … Read More


Satisfaction is…

adding the last words of the last scene of your revision draft and finding you’ve used up the last page of the journal.



 … Read More

What is finished?

I am reminded so, so, so, so often that for a writer, finished is a celebratory word that doesn’t translate well into the rest of society.

me: “I finished my novel!”

someone who is not a writer: “Oh wow that’s great! When can I buy it?”


So never mind … Read More

On Translation

Caminar is finally out in Spanish! (I’ve gotten so many inquiries about this over the past few years. It’s nice to know I can now say, Yes. It’s in Spanish!) To buy a copy, you should fly to Guatemala of course, where it’s available for sale, and where you can … Read More

On My Desk Monday


It’s always great to get a revision list down to one page. All those items that you need to go through and fix. One page. You don’t have to flip around. It’s all right there.

Very satisfying.… Read More

On My Desk Monday (or couch I guess)

With historical fiction, even in revision there is plenty to look up.


At this stage, it’s a lot of targeted research. Looking up some specific detail I need like the cost of something or the way someone would do something back then or – as is the case for … Read More

Skyping with an author

I always intend to blog more about my school visits. I never remember to take photos myself, but often times the coordinator will send me some pictures after the fact and I’m always grateful. And then I don’t do anything with them!

Today I’m changing that. Earlier this month I … Read More

Writing Retreat

I’ve been traveling a lot recently. Here are some highlights from a writing retreat in Florida:


It’s a hard life being a writer. I know.

Time away to write is a wonderful thing. Time away to write with friends is even better. We had great conversations and solved all … Read More

The Keyboard

So one of my kids pointed out to me that I’ve overused a button on my keyboard.

Apparently, in my typing, the n gets a lot of use. This led me to ponder on that a bit. I realize it could be a simple matter of I’m hitting that one … Read More

Gifts for Writers

My sister recently gave me the Best. Gift. Ever.

A friend of hers has an etsy shop and she had these lovely blocks made up with a quote from each of my books. Seriously. Gorgeous. If you’re looking for a gift for a writer, here’s an idea.… Read More