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Skyping with an author

I always intend to blog more about my school visits. I never remember to take photos myself, but often times the coordinator will send me some pictures after the fact and I’m always grateful. And then I don’t do anything with them!


Today I’m changing that. Earlier this month … Read More

Writing Retreat

I’ve been traveling a lot recently. Here are some highlights from a writing retreat in Florida:



It’s a hard life being a writer. I know.


Time away to write is a wonderful thing. Time away to write with friends is even better. We had great conversations and … Read More

The Keyboard

So one of my kids pointed out to me that I’ve overused a button on my keyboard.

Apparently, in my typing, the n gets a lot of use. This led me to ponder on that a bit. I realize it could be a simple matter of I’m hitting that one … Read More

Gifts for Writers

My sister recently gave me the Best. Gift. Ever.

A friend of hers has an etsy shop and she had these lovely blocks made up with a quote from each of my books. Seriously. Gorgeous. If you’re looking for a gift for a writer, here’s an idea.… Read More


Sometimes I hate revision.

But not always.

Right now I’m in the middle of revising a novel and the revision is actually…fun! I think because I’ve fixed (I think) the big picture things and now I have this checklist of small changes to make. It feels good to go … Read More

Cold weather

Winter is my second favorite season. (Nothing beats autumn.) I love snow and cold weather and wearing layers and layers of clothes. I love a fire in the fireplace and warm tea all throughout the day.


But. I miss my favorite writing spot. It’s too cold now on the porch. … Read More

Letters for Kids

If you have a young reader in your life and you’re looking for good holiday gift ideas, look no further. Letters for Kids is the perfect gift for young readers. I would have loved to have gotten letters in my mailbox each month from authors! Wouldn’t you?

I’m lucky to … Read More

Read Like a Writer Online Class

Read Like a Writer


Do you ever read a book and think – I wish I could write like that? Are you a writer who likes a book but might have a hard time figuring out why? Do you struggle with something in particular like dialogue or story beginnings? … Read More

Audiobook winner!

Last weekend, I signed copies of my books at the lovely Books by the Bank festival. And one lucky visitor at my table is the winner of a free audiobook today.

<Drumroll please>


Paige Wilson! Paige, I’ll be in touch to get your mailing info. Thanks to everyone who … Read More