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Where I write

Well. The title is misleading. Because frankly I do a lot of my writing by hand in notebooks wherever I happen to be. (Swim meets, soccer practice, dentist waiting rooms, etc.) But this is, at least, a photo of where I edit.



I keep some scrap paper under my … Read More


For National Poetry Month!

Here’s another poem that I wrote almost a decade ago:



Gymnastics by Skila Brown



Hands reach,

clasp on tight.

Arms pop up,

no curves in sight.


Straight as a pencil

I fold right in,

make my air space

thin, thin, thin.… Read More


Here’s a poem I wrote several years ago about my favorite creature in the sea:

August 024

“Jellyfish” by Skila Brown


I watch you as you

scoot and squish

your way around the tank,


Taunting me

with tentacles,

I want to grab and yank.


I press my hand

upon … Read More


So remember how I was madly trying to finish a novel?

Well, I did it. Not exactly by the date I was hoping to finish. And way more pages than I hoped it would be. Plus there was that anti-climactic feeling that happens when you finish a draft only … Read More

Writing is (sometimes) more fun than making curtains

You know how some days it’s just haaaaaaard to write. And you find yourself thinking of 13 reasons why you can’t write at that moment. Because maybe you’re procrastinating.


Reasons Why I Can’t Write

1. I am sick.
2. The sink is overflowing with dirty dishes.
3. I went … Read More