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I’m alive!

So sorry for the bloggy absence. I’m hard at work trying to finish up a new novel.


It’s messy business, readers!

I’ll be back in February with a new website and two new books to tell you all about. Stay tuned! And stay warm!!… Read More


I am not a very visual person. I’m not someone who really pictures images of characters or places in my head while I’m reading (which is exactly why I find movies-that-were-once-books so very disturbing.) And it’s hard, sometimes, while I’m drafting a new novel, to remember that I need to … Read More

Slickety Quick

This picture book is coming along!

I’ve seen the final art and it’s so, so fun!! I can’t wait to have this book my shelf. If you’re feeling equally eager, you can preorder it here or here or from your local indie. The book will release this coming spring.… Read More

In Which I Whine About Revision


Excuse me while I take this opportunity to whine.


Early Revision is overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. I’m someone who reads through a draft and sees all the little things – the line level edits that I want to make. It’s excruciatingly difficult to ignore … Read More

Writing Fuel

So here’s a little author secret. The longer I’m sitting at my desk writing, the more snacks I feel I need. I’m not normally a snacker. Also, I don’t really keep junk-y stuff in the house. We set a good example with the kids and eat pretty healthily and blah, … Read More

Welcome Back!

Fall is here! Another school year underway! And the blog has been awakened!

Upcoming book news to share:

  • Slickety Quick: Poems About Sharks will be out soon. I believe you’ll see it on shelves starting in March. The artwork is so fun! I can’t wait to share it here.
  • My
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