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Upcoming events

Readers! If you’re in the Cincinnati area, make sure you don’t miss Books by the Banks coming up on Saturday, Oct. 28th. It’s my favorite book festival – loads of goodies and authors and Books, Books, Books! I’ll be there again – signing books. (And buying books too!)


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So apparently wordpress is eating my photos. From old posts and new posts. I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure out why…and I think I’ve solved the mystery. But fixing the issue is going to be a painstakingly slow process. Bear with me. Hopefully over the next few weeks … Read More

Writing by hand

I write by hand. Not always. But usually. And when I do, it’s better.

Students are often surprised to hear this. Teachers, too. I can type faster than I can write, and that’s precisely why I choose to write. My drafts are better when they come out a little slower. … Read More

Back to School

Hello, readers! Fall is almost here. School is back in session where I live, and I’m booking now for fall and spring school visits. Fall has only a few slots left. Reach out to me if you’re interested. I do a free 20 minute Q & A over Skype with … Read More

Happy Holidays!

I hope you’re surrounded by love and peace and joy this holiday season. I’ll be back here on the blog in two weeks. Happy New Year!


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Summer Break

I’m headed west on a journey and then back home to finish a novel. The blog will be on summer break. See you back here in the fall for lots of good stuff as my next book releases.

Happy summer, readers!!


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Writing Voice

Ariane Felix chatted with my agent, Tina Wexler, about Voice. Here’s a bit of that wonderful conversation:


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New Website

So what do you think of the new website? (If you’re reading this on a feedreader, go here.)

Big thanks to the wonderful Websy Daisy for cleaning this up for me!

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Booking school visits

I had a blast visiting so many wonderful elementary, middle, and high schools last fall. If you’re looking to schedule an author visit for the spring, now is the time! Some of my favorite topics to talk about are:

• Meet the Author – this is a general, basic talk … Read More