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Mako Sharks

Mako sharks are the fastest sharks in the water. They can swim up to 60 MPH!

Want to see one launch out of the water?

How about see one feeding?


Saw-shark have a very long nose that takes up half the length of their bodies. They dig around in the mud or sand for food with their noses. They look a lot like their cousin, the sawfish. But a sawfish is actually a type of ray. You can tell the … Read More

Megamouth Shark

In 1976, An American research ship found a strange fished attached to its anchor. It was a new type of shark: the Megamouth. Its huge mouth—more than 4 feet wide—is full of tiny, tiny teeth.
It’s a giant fish, beautiful to watch, but very rare to actually see one.
Here’s … Read More

Hammerhead Sharks

There are 8 different hammerhead species. The biggest is called Great Hammerheads.

Scientists don’t know for sure why their heads are shaped that way. But there are lots of theories. Check out this cool video that covers some of them:

Cookie-cutter Sharks

The cookie-cutter shark is not very big—less than two feet, but it has a sharp bite. These little guys take a bit out of fish and dolphins by attaching their mouth suction-like to skin and twisting around with their sharp teeth. Ouch!

This is totally my favorite kind of shark … Read More

Whale Sharks

My favorite aquarium trip so far has been to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. They have whale sharks, people! And they’re beautiful to watch. Here are some pictures I took when we were there 5 years ago:

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I think you can swim with them for a special price. We … Read More

5 More Fast Facts about Sharks

1. There are over 300 kinds of sharks.
2. More people are killed by snakes, elephants, bees, tigers, and hippos than by sharks. But sharks are the ones with the bad reputation.

3. Some—but not all—sharks must keep swimming in order to stay alive. Great white and mako sharks need … Read More

5 Fast Facts about Sharks

1. The biggest fish in the world is a shark. A whale shark to be exact.

2. Sharks were around in the time of the dinosaurs and they’re still around today.
3. Sharks have no bones. But they do have skeletons made of cartilage.
4. Most sharks have big eyes … Read More